Local Market & culinary Tours Experiences of Indian Himalaya

Local Market & culinary Tours Experiences of Indian Himalaya

Astonishing India one of the best travel and Tour operator in India offering you the best chance to experience Local Market & Culinary tours experience of Indian Himalaya. Our aim is to give you a local taste of the Himalayas and it’s unique and diverse food.

As a tour operator, we believe that our role is to introduce you to food that you may not have tried by yourself. We hope you like most of it, but the main thing is you try it! We offer a range of experiences from our highly popular restaurants, small fast food shop, where we stop to eat as we explore, to our walking tours where we often pick up diverse snacks as we go.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our latest events for pop up eating and cooking events in the Himalayas. You don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy the taste of the Himalayas food scene and we have options to cater for all levels of adventurousness.

If you are also one willing to learn and gain some extra knowledge for cooking and want to impress your family, loves one and some special one then.Astonishing India Tours offering you the best packages to explore Local Market & Culinary Tour Experience of Indian Himalayas.

What better way to understand the traditional rituals of a destination than through its tasty and delicious food. Astonishing India tours offer one of the best tour packages for the one who love to experience the different taste of the food and love to learn cooking.

You want to see the sights, visit the famous landmarks, take pictures and have memorable food experiences. Then Local Market & culinary Tour experience of the Indian Himalaya will be one of the best ways to experience a culture is through food – local foods, local stories and local people. Now that you know what the local market & culinary tourism is.

This tour is made a simple traveler a sophisticated foodie who explored the culinary maze with closed eyes and let their taste buds do the rest, Local market & Culinary tours experiences in Indian Himalaya is one of the most gripping tours.

In these tours, we also provide an expert guide who can guide you in every step. We also provide unique holiday experiences in India, covering the Himalayas, deserts, forests, beaches, and backwaters. Our concept is dynamic with a constant seeking for the unusual off the beaten track. We are “hands-on” operators and believe that tours must be personalized. Operating in most parts of India, we offer quality, high altitude treks, jeep safaris, eco tours, tribal tours, bird watching, desert & wildlife safaris, angling, nature & culture tours, backwater cruising, and home-stay.

To make these company at the top Catherine Pradhan Lobo, co-founder of Gurudongma Tours & Treks and now known as Astonishing India tour along with General Singh had struggle very much. Over 20 years she has built up invaluable ground experience. Dynamic, charming and a “hands-on” worker, she loves to interact with people. Her concern for her guests, efficient management of tours and hospitality, and the ability to perform a wide variety of functions, encompassing tour operations, and hospitality, and has been instrumental in building our reputation, leading to many repeat guests.

She has also done extensive research in local recipes, and recipes, and created a special range of interactive cuisine, which makes dining at the Samthar Farmhouse, an experience to remember. Catherine manages hospitality and operates our tours and treks. She is also responsible for training local village folks as our house staff and has trained our cultural guides.

We bring the world to your kitchen table with carefully selected food, inspired by flavors from across the globe or across the road. Every product we share is connected to a culture, cuisine, recipe or story. Connect with Astonishing India and discover Local Market & Culinary tours experience of Indian Himalaya. Satisfy your craving for memorable food and local market experiences with a hands-on culinary tour.

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