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Planning a trip and choosing the best destination all by alone is not an easy task, maybe for once or twice, it just gives a headache.  A solo trip can be a little bit easy and can be taken care of, but when times comes for the vacation for the whole family, friends or group then the task will be harder,

So, what can you do in this difficulties time?

Simple hire the best tour company or operator tell about your desired destination and requirement and also compare the rates and prices, transport facilities and more while booking your tour packages. If all done then start to pack your bags and be ready to go for a long journey to North East India.

To reach North East India you can fly through Plane or you can book a railway ticket choice is your how you want to entry Northeast India.

What sightseeing can hypnotize you while you take your first step in North East India?

North-East India

Your journey to North East India will never ever disappoint you, instead you will be hypnotized by the charming climatic conditions, the wonderful and admirable Natural Beauty, the rolling green hills, Snow Mountains, Crystal clear water lakes rivers, the touching historical places, the handful of population of North East India will make you that you are supposed to be in the wonderland like a story of “Alice in Wonderland”.

North East offers everything that includes from glorying old root bridges to ancient sculptures carved on rocks. North East India tours are endless you can also explore the scenic view and also you can experience your trek in attractive trails which makes your tour more interesting and memorable.

North East India

Not only the trails but North East also famous destination for the worshippers, here you can explore the holy old temples, Monasteries which will give you a vibrant experience and the attractive view which makes you come again and again in this places.

Comparing the “Seven Sisters” states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, and Sikkim state had made North East India the most popular tourist destination.

You can easily choose the desired destination without any doubt; each and every destination is a perfect tourist spot.

Famous tourist places of North East India?

Are you ready to discover the alluring places, get ready to go for it?

Nathula Pass (Sikkim)

North East India

Nathula Pass is the best place for the Trekker lover, located at the height of 14140 feet in Sikkim.

The route in Tibet goes down the Chumbi Valley to Yathung. In a pleasant and clear day, you can explore the magnificent peak of Chomolhari of Bhutan.

The Holy place of Arunachal Pradesh (Tawang Monastery)

Come and explore another best place of North East India that’s Tawang Monastery. The Monastery was founded by the famous Galden Namgyal Lhatse in the year between 1860- 81.

North East India

Are you ready to discover the alluring places, get ready to go for it?This Monastery is the fountain head of the spiritual life of the Gelupa Sect of the Mahayana School of Buddhism.

The inner walls of the Dukhang – the assembly hall are painted with murals of various divinities and saints.

A colossal richly gilded statue of Lord Buddha occupies the middle of the northern side. It is the largest image of the monastery and is about 26 feet high.

Dirang Valley sightseeing (Arunachal Pradesh)

North East India

Explore Dirang Valley visiting an ancient Monpa Village and Gompa, the Kalachakra Monastery, and the Sangti Valley to get a peep into the life styles of the Monpas, and see their unique method of agriculture.

“Living Root Bridges” in Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya)

North East India

Take an easy walk to visit the unique living root bridge of Meghalaya.

The Indian Rubber plant flourishes alongside fast flowing rivers and streams. Perched on rocks the tree sends its roots reaching out for the soil. The exposed roots grow strong and reach out long distances from the mother tree trunk. The Khasis of yore adapted these qualities to construct root bridges.

Kaziranga National Park (Assam)

North East India

Kaziranga National park renowned for its World Heritage Site. The Park is famous for world’s One-horned rhino population, 70% of the world population of the Eastern Swamp Deer and 75% of the world’s wild Asiatic water buffalo. It has a significant population of the Asian Elephant.

Close encounters with the Great Indian one-horned Rhino, and wild Indian Elephants Swamp Deer, Asiatic Water buffalo, and a host of animals are assured. The Park also has more than 450 species of birds, 18 of them are globally threatened species. The Bengal Florican is the main attraction.

Kohima (Nagaland)

North East India

Kohima hosts the famous Hornbill festival in the first 10 days of December at the heritage village of Kisama. The festival comprises an array of activities encompassing Naga culture- Song, dance, cuisine, habitat, handicrafts, and more.

Majuli Island ( Guwahati)

Majuli is famous as the world’s largest river Island. But it is really more interesting for its 22 satras – Hindu Vaishnava monasteries, which are also centers for the arts.

Sibsagar ( Assam)

North East India

Sibsagar is famous for its 18th Century temples. This was the ancient capital of the Ahom Dynasty which ruled the Assam Valley for over 600 years. The town dedicated to Lord Shiva is strewn with ancient ruins.

North East India not only famous for tourist places but also it presents the unique culture and traditions.

The colorful and different types of Festivals of North East India give a glimpse in rich culture.

Realizing the satisfaction and appreciation of the cultural exposure traveller can interact with the tribal people of North East India and can get a good impression of the simple villages way to life.

Most of the festivals here are either related to agriculture, Buddhism or the beginning of a New Year. There are many festivals that extend over a number of days and include dance and music.

These festivals also present a wonderful opportunity for the people belonging to different tribes to bond. The sumptuous delicacies, interesting costumes, soulful music, warm hospitality, and the lively ambiance give one enough reasons to be a part of the festival in the North East.

Some of the activities that you can explore in North East During festival are like

Bihu Festival (Assam)

North East India

Bihu the famous festivals of Assam celebrate to welcome the Assamese New Year. Bihu festival is celebrated thrice a year namely Bohag Bihu, Maagh Bihu, and Kongali Bihu.

Meghalaya (Wangala Festival)

North East India

Wangala is a winter festival in Meghalaya that is mainly celebrated by the Garo tribe. It is held in the second week of November each year in Asanang village near Tura in the Garo Hills and is considered to be a post-harvest celebration.

Nagaland (Hornbill Festival)

North East India

Hornbill Festival is known as a major festival in Nagaland. It is a 7 to 10 days festival that begins with immense zeal from December 1 every year. This festival is held in Kisama Heritage Village, this festival is attended by all the major tribes in Nagaland.

Also, you can explore many other festivals while you visit North East India. Along with the festival, you can also taste the different varieties of delicious cuisine seeing the taste and flavor make your mouth watering.

North East India

So, be ready to discover the North East India Tour and enjoy the glorifying places without any complication.

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