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Tour Packages

Lifestyle of Monpa Tribe

Lifestyle culture and hike in the land of Monpas.

Heritage Tour

North East India Heritage Tour.

Birding Tour

Assam-Arunachal Pradesh Birding Tour.

Meghalaya Trek

Meghalaya Trek

Tribes & Culture

 North East India.

Namdapha Rain forest Trek and Riverine National Park



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Nature Trail

Meghalaya Nature Trail

Wildlife Tour

Assam Wildlife Tour

Buddhist Trail

Arunachal Pradesh 

Tribal Tour

Tribes of Nagaland.



Stay with nature in the middle of Kaziranga National Park.


Get face to face with wild life animals .


Meet with the tribes peoples you haven’t seen before.


Wettest Land on Earth, Meghalaya

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Overall a very nice stay in the resort and we enjoyed our stay in Eco Hunt very much, right from the first mail interaction with Ronnie to the actual stay. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone who is going to Kaziranga as one of the most preferred resort to stay in Kaziranga.
Ashish N
Bengaluru, India

Discover New Experiences

Our representative would love to help you plan your dream vacation.

India Offers An Astonishing Array of Experiences.

The combination of ancient heritage, diverse ethnic people and their culture, along with nature’s bounty, offers the traveler, almost anything that is desired.

Gurudongma Tours & Treks is a small company with a big footprint, renowned for caring and personalized service. Our concept is dynamic with a constant seeking for the unusual.

We present carefully researched and tested journeys and adventures, to chosen parts of India. More than twenty years of experience and research has gone into the creation of our tours and treks for a niche market of discerning travelers.

We have worked with village communities encouraging and training them in homestay tourism activities. Our Nature and culture exploration involves the local community & these popular tours has led to setting up of Village home stays and an experimental rural school; thus providing earnings to local folks and quality education to their children.

Our menu comprises sightseeing tours, Walking Holidays, home-stay holidays, nature & culture tours, wildlife and bird watching tours, tribal tours, Buddhist tours, Trekking, river rafting, paragliding & Mountain biking for all age groups.

Get off the beaten track, interact with people, their culture, and their way of life and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Great Himalayas, forests, deserts, backwaters and beaches.

We can make your dream Indian holiday happen. We can do it at reasonable cost; and we can operate your tours with efficiency and absolute reliability. Join us for meaningful holiday to make a difference.

Himalayan Holiday Destinations


We offer inter state & inter country combination tours for best value as many places falls in the same geographical location. Darjeeling Sikkim & Bhutan is popular.

kalimpong & Darjeeling

An ideal place to walk & explore Town & country, colonial past & age old monastries.


Walk & explore eco villages and monastic culture . Trek on the trails of Dzongri-Gochela & the Rhododendron-Vershey Trail or explore Sikkim on mountain bike.

North East

Diverse Tribal Cultural tours of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Assam. Wildlife Tour, Mountain Biking, Walks & Treks. Amazing Hornbill Fest.


Experience the Tour of Thimpu, Paro, Punakha, Wangdi and more. Also enjoy the Bird watching Tour from west to east of Bhutan.

Our other Destinations of India

Wildlife, Culture and Tea

Gateway to the North East India. Home of few magnificent wild life sanctuaries, beautiful weavings, textiles and dance forms.

Serene, Animist and Bhuddhist diverse tribal culture

Land of several river valleys, diverse Tribes with distinct dialogues & cultural way of lives.
To reach 170 year old Tawang Gumpa one must cross over 4150m Sela Pass.
All the other tribes are animist and are incredible ethnic people.

"The Abode of Clouds"

Rolling lush green pine forested hills, serene river vales, lovely waterfalls, caves and incredible range of flora, , exotic markets (Bazaar), excellent weavers and a warm and friendly music loving people makes Meghalaya a wonderful holiday destination.

Organised Tribal Society

There are 16 distinct tribes in Nagaland.
Nagas have very organised system of way of life.Their villages are very clean and well organised. They follow their own law to maintain the discipline of the tribal society.

Rich culture, dance & outdoor indigenous games

Manipur has rich culture with folklore,
myths and legends, graceful dance inspired by love of Lord Krishna & Radha , outdoor indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms and handicrafts.

Historic, Bio diverse, Expert Bamboo Craft

Tripura once ruled by its own kings for centuries. Tripura’s lush green hills, bio diverse flora and fauna, verdant valleys, scenic lakes, rich handicrafts, traditional music, temples, archaeological remains, and exquisite sculpture constitute its irresistible charm as a tourist destination.

An idyllic land of natural beauty with rich variety of flora and fauna.

It’s remoteness adds to its quaint appeal,
as do its scenic landscapes of bluish
hills and mountains, steep rocky cliffs,
serene lakes, deep valleys, gurgling
streams, and waterfalls.

Amazing city of Joy

A Historic place of British Raj also called intellectual & Cultural capital of India. Kolkata is a vibrant city showcasing art, poetry, dance, music, film, & Theatre. Places like flower market and Kalighat are mesmerising. This is the city where Mother Teresa lived and worked with people.

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A unique and interesting destination

Eastern state in Bay of Bengal is known for the tribal cultures, their arts, crafts, weaving, ancient Hindu Temples, Lakes & natural beauty.

Explore Heritage Granduer of Delhi.

While in Delhi take short add on tours to Agra,
Jaipur, or do some bird watching or take
a trip to see the Tiger in Knna- Bandhavgarh. Alternatively take a bird watching trip.

Arunachal Pradesh
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Feel the Granduer of Historic past and gracious culture.

Rajasthan is very interesting place to visit. It is famous for its forts, palaces, arts, culture, music, different, dance forms, Camel Salaries on the desert, their festivals, birds, and food.

Mesmerising golden temple and its way of life.

Famous for its Golden temple, night Palki holy ceremony and old city tour, and their ‘Dhaba’ for typical food.

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Amazing Wildlife, Birds and organised state of India

Westernmost state of India, dynamic & diverse, rich in wildlife & in culture and tradition from the past. Famous for their arts and crafts, textiles,music and distinct food.

City that connects People , Culture and Places

City full of surprises, diverse culture, city of Hope, amazing population and interesting cluster community system.

Visit the Paradise of the Botanists.

Land of several river valleys, diverse Tribes with distinct dialogues & cultural way of lives.
To reach 170 year old Tawang Gumpa one must cross over 4150m Sela Pass.
All the other tribes are animist and are incredible ethnic people.


Types of Holidays

Walking Holiday

Our Walking Holiday offers nature and cultural experience in the town & country.

Nature & Culture experiences

Village Tourism

Experience the country life. Join hands in sowing or harvesting or teach the children any special skill like art, music, dance , craft etc. in the local school.

Experience Holiday

Tribal or Ethenic Tour

Our tribal circuit North East India & Orissa offers huge range of tribal belts. 

Pandora’s Box Of Surprises​

Trekking Tour

We offer customise treks in Darjeeling, Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh. Our Treks ranges from subtropical to alpine upto 5000m. 

Adventure tourism

Mountain Biking Tours

Our Mountain Biking trails are well tested and offers beautiful terrain through the tea estates, forested area and beautiful undulating hills.

Adventure Tourism

River Rafting & Paragliding

Kalimpong offers river rafting with minimal rapids & paragliding with well trained accompanied  gliders.  

soft adventure

Bird Watching & Wildlife

Sikkim-North East India offers magnificent birding areas with more than 600 species of birds. 

Nature Tourism

Special Interest Tour

We offer Buddhist Tour, Craft & Textile Tour, spice tour, Yoga Holiday with special guides & Dental holiday with best Dentist with best facilities.

Community & Health Tourism

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